World top Luxury and Expensive Car Hints Hits – 2012

Posted: May 26, 2012 in High-Tech Auto

Which is the Top Expensive and Luxury Car in the

world ?

Automobile industry is making new innovations in automobiles manufacturing. Automobile innovations are established with advanced technology and science. Still automobile has continuity of innovative manufacturing in automobile. Have you seen world’s top ten luxury and expensive car ? Which have more engine power, latest technology engine, new design, attractive model and features. Generation technology would like to high lights about the top, best, expensive car in the world. But that list of the cars is belong on 2012. Which will be the next expensive and luxury top car in the world 2012 For 2012 Search we have given this hits of expensive and top best luxury cars in amazing designs.

Bugatti Veyron World Top Expensive Car

Expensive Car Reviews, Luxury Car Price, Bugatti Veyron Price

Bugatti Veyron Price is one of the very expensive car in the world.It has been manufactured with excellent advance tehnology features and luxury facilities. You know the Bugatti Veyron car is tested in 2010. It is being dream for carlovers and engine specifications and other as being bench mark in the car Industry
Expensive Bugatti Veyron Price : Rs 8,16,00,000
Expensive  Bugatti Veyron Coste in Dollar : $1,700,000

Lamborghini Reventon World Top Expensive Car

Reviews of Luxury and Expensive Cars

Lamborghini Reventon is avilable in unquie design in effective features. It is also performing in world top expensive car’s lists.Excellent engine power which ehance the car engine power
Expensive Lamborghini Reventon Price : Rs7,68,00,000
Expensive Lamborghini Reventon Coste in Dollar : $1,600,000

McLaren F1 World Top Expensive Car

Expensive McLaren F1 Car Reivews, Image, Price
McLaren F1 is one of the symbol of expensive car’s and
McLaren F1 has attractive model in cas collections. Luxury and latest model desinged cars is McLaren F1. Excellent features and new desig is enough to the price tag
Expensive  McLaren F1 Price : Rs 4,65,60,000
Expensive  McLaren F1 Coste in Dollar : $970,000

Ferrari Enzo World Top Expensive Car

Reviews of Luxury and Expensive ferrari-enzo and Price
Ferrari Enzo is also one of the expensive car which is manufactured with all kind of features and elements.
Expensive Ferrari Enzo Price : 3,21,60,000
Expensive Ferrari Enzo Coste in Dollar : $670,000

Pagani Zonda C12 World Top Expensive Car

Pagani-Zonda Luxury  Expensive , Reviwes, Price tag,

Pagani Zonda C12 F has excellent features and elements. It also taken the place in expensive car listings
Expensive  Pagani Zonda C12 F Price : 3,20,31,000
Expensive  Ferrari Enzo Coste in Dollar : $667,321

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