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Science Laboratory spacecraft Nasa’s Curiosity Rover on Mars

Science Laboratory spacecraft America Nasa Curiosity Rover on Mars

Curiosity Rover Science Laboratory spacecraft was launched eight month before that spacecraft successfully landed in the mars as per planed. Mars is one of the plant which is located 57 core kilometers fare way from earth plant. The Rover has been send for the research of mars plant which belong on environment research of mars. Mars is called as a red plant and the Nasa’s Curiosity Rover was send after two year research of the project. 10 Science high technology equipments are carried by the curiosity Rover. Rover was designed as per robotic geologist technology which has the flexibility and capability like human to carries something one place to other place.

2012 landed  on Mar  Rover Science Laboratory and spacecraft  Image

Curiosity Rover Launched Data : Nov. 26, 2011

Curiosity Rover landed : Aug 05,2012 – 10:32 p.m. PDT Aug. 5 (1:32 a.m. EDT Aug. 6)

Nasa’s Curiosity Rover High Technology Features and Specification :

Mast Camera : super-high resolution cameras is installed in the rover to get the quality stereo still or video image for the scientist research and verification.

Robotic Arms and Radiation Assessment Detecto are the specialty of the Curiosity Rover with all kinds of feature the rover started research on mars. To establish the new life on the earth. The successful journey of rover is going make new innovation on mars.



Do you know who are the almost top performers in animal ? There is some one who are being with excellent power. Each and every species have some unique power to differ from other. In the cases we would like to underline some living things which can perform hard in their days. In some times we have some questions in our mind like which will run fast ? Who can hear from far ? Who can live so long ? Who have powerful eye sight ? And more and more question. We have got some hints from some other source for our questions. We would like share that with information who are having unique power with detail information. Species information are given below with reference of some other source. All species power are marked by us. If you would like this info create your like ….

Which is the Biggest animal in the world
Biggest Animal Blue Whales Species :
Which is the Biggest animal in the world ? Correct answer is Blue Whales
Yes Blue Whale species is the Biggest animal in the world. It is living in ocean
Blue Whales Weights is 190tons

Fish Shortfin Mako Shark Fast Swimming – 50km/n

Fastest Swimming Fish Shortfin Mako Shark :
Which is the Fastest swimming fish in the world ?correct answer is Shortfin Mako Shark
Shortfin Mako Shark can swim faster then other fishes in the world
Fish Shortfin Mako Shark Fast Swimming – 50km/n

Sounds Travel Up to – 1,800km  Baleen Whales
Hearing Power Species is Baleen Whales :
Which is species can hear from long ? Correct answer is Baleen Whales
Baleen whales has maximum hearing capacity in the world
Sounds Travel Up to – 1,800km

Cheetah Runs 120km/n Faster
Fastest Running Animal is Cheetah :
Which is the fastest running animal in the world ? Correct answer is Cheetah
Cheetah is the fastest running animal in the world
Cheetah Runs 120km/n Faster

Which species have long eyes sights in the world

Long Eyes sights species is :
Which species have long eyes sights in the world ? Correct answer is Eagle
Eagle has the excellent eyes sights power the specialty is Vision 8times sharper than humans
Vision 8times sharper than humans

Which is the fastest flying board in the world ?
Fastest Flying Bird is White-throated needletail :
Which is the fastest flying board in the world ? Correct answer is White-throated needletail
White-throated needletail can fly fastest more than other birds
White-throated needletail Fastest Flying speed – 170km/n

Tortoise  Life time – 200years
Longest Living animal is Tortoise :
Which is the longest living animal in the world ? Correct answer is Tortoise
Yes Tortoise is living more than 200 Years in the world
Tortoise Life time – 200years

Fore details

What is the Difference Between Humans and Animals ?

As we known humans have long considered knowledge themselves absolutely unique. But now it turns  out that the better word from unique” is most advanced “. Every year scientists prove that some purely human specific characters are found in animal.

Animal’s senses are available in Human traits

RAVEN’S  sense Tool use and Construction sense –  Is  in Human traits

Raven Sense Human Vs animal Difference
Scientists explains the ravens sense How raven using stones to crack eggs and sometimes immobilizing an eggs with hard stone and smashing  it with a smaller one.

APES’S Sense of Humors  – Is  in Human traits

Apes is a wild animal which is attitude makes feel fun like by pulling their ears, tails and patting them and escaping later. Only to return and do it again

CHIMPANZEE’S sense of Complex Communication –  Is in Human traits

They do communication by using actions which is in sign language

ELEPHANT’S sense of Emotions – Is in Human traits

Elephant Human Vs Animal Differences
Elephants feed for their kids and wait for halting herd member showing emotion the empathy

WILD DOLPHIN’S sense of Culture – Is in Human traits

Dolphin Human Vs Animal Difference
Wild dolphins are capable to learn something with out human trainer like tail-walk, the power of understand and learning skill is in wild dolphins

MAGPIE’S sense of Self-awareness – Is in Human traits

Magpie Human Vs Animal Difference
It is general sense of all animal while they see unusual things at the time they try to rub or remov it. Animals can recognize their structure in reflection of mirror

CHIMPANZEE’S additional sense of counting – Is in Human traits

it has additional sense like using non verbal skills, arithmetic, mental sense like human

CLARK’S sense of Long Term Memory  – Is in Human traits

Bird Clarks Human Vs Animal Difference
The bird Clark has capacity to keep remember at least half year where they put seeds
Using 5,0000 caches in a 15 mile area
Animals have some specific sense which is differed for each animal. All animal’s senses are established in one human sense so human is being unique from the animals. Each one animals have different sense which is used for their survives but human has all sense in one human mind.

Reference From – Apr 1-07-2012 – The Economic Times on Sunday