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Smart Phone Samsung Galaxy S 3 (three) 2012 Features and Specification, Reviews

Hi, smarter this is the excellent option to you all to be double smarter with Samsung smart phone. 3G HSPA+ capability option of the galaxy 3 supports you to have effective browsing. Latest technology OS which is going reach the dot of the world experience. Galaxy 3 phone is established with advanced technology features which enhance the smartness of the Samsung phone. The Samsung brand is mark of high quality. Your soft touch brings new world in your Samsung galaxy 3 which is latest model phone of the samsung production. If you are searching best smart phone to buy why not you bring samsung one of the option in your mind because it has all qualification to be at the place. Real experience with samsung galaxy 3 only with galaxy smart phone. Generation technology have given small reviews about samsung. Samsung galaxy models rocks in the communication trading.

Specialty of Samsung Galaxy S 3 latest mobile phone of 2012

Galaxy S3 – Memory Capacity 16GB

Galaxy S3 – Android 4.0 (ICS)

Galaxy S3 – 8MP Camera

Real Prices Samsung Galaxy Price India – Rs.42500

Technical Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S 3

Features Samsung Galaxy S 3
Processor quad core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 processor
Dimensions 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm
Memory 16GB, 32GB and 64GB
Weight 133 grams
Operating System Android 4.0.4
RAM and GPU 1 GB RAM – Mali 400MP
Screen Resolution 720 x 1280 pixels
Camera 8-megapixel camera
Battery Lithium – Ion 2100 mAh battery

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Apple iPad 3 Price in India, Apple iPad Review,

Apple iPad technology features

Apple iPad is high-tech notepad which is available in natural touch screen. Apple launched the iPad with wide technology features to have new experience with Apple iPad. You can realize the real advanced technology in apple products because new innovation is plugged with apple latest model products. Same time the apple iPad would be expensive in the middle class market but it is worth . Apple iPad price not for the product but for the technology features. Price fix the range of consume but for the apple products technology only fix the range of consume. There is some people who are being as long time customer for apple because the quality and technology. We hope the apple iPad price may be push down your interest in purchasing but in the same pressure that would bring  up by the apple technology. Apple iPad Price Rs.35,000 in India, We would like to mark that It is not only Apple iPad 2012 Reviews and also Real reveals of best brand.

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iPad Price tag in India

Which is the Top Expensive and Luxury Car in the

world ?

Automobile industry is making new innovations in automobiles manufacturing. Automobile innovations are established with advanced technology and science. Still automobile has continuity of innovative manufacturing in automobile. Have you seen world’s top ten luxury and expensive car ? Which have more engine power, latest technology engine, new design, attractive model and features. Generation technology would like to high lights about the top, best, expensive car in the world. But that list of the cars is belong on 2012. Which will be the next expensive and luxury top car in the world 2012 For 2012 Search we have given this hits of expensive and top best luxury cars in amazing designs.

Bugatti Veyron World Top Expensive Car

Expensive Car Reviews, Luxury Car Price, Bugatti Veyron Price

Bugatti Veyron Price is one of the very expensive car in the world.It has been manufactured with excellent advance tehnology features and luxury facilities. You know the Bugatti Veyron car is tested in 2010. It is being dream for carlovers and engine specifications and other as being bench mark in the car Industry
Expensive Bugatti Veyron Price : Rs 8,16,00,000
Expensive  Bugatti Veyron Coste in Dollar : $1,700,000

Lamborghini Reventon World Top Expensive Car

Reviews of Luxury and Expensive Cars

Lamborghini Reventon is avilable in unquie design in effective features. It is also performing in world top expensive car’s lists.Excellent engine power which ehance the car engine power
Expensive Lamborghini Reventon Price : Rs7,68,00,000
Expensive Lamborghini Reventon Coste in Dollar : $1,600,000

McLaren F1 World Top Expensive Car

Expensive McLaren F1 Car Reivews, Image, Price
McLaren F1 is one of the symbol of expensive car’s and
McLaren F1 has attractive model in cas collections. Luxury and latest model desinged cars is McLaren F1. Excellent features and new desig is enough to the price tag
Expensive  McLaren F1 Price : Rs 4,65,60,000
Expensive  McLaren F1 Coste in Dollar : $970,000

Ferrari Enzo World Top Expensive Car

Reviews of Luxury and Expensive ferrari-enzo and Price
Ferrari Enzo is also one of the expensive car which is manufactured with all kind of features and elements.
Expensive Ferrari Enzo Price : 3,21,60,000
Expensive Ferrari Enzo Coste in Dollar : $670,000

Pagani Zonda C12 World Top Expensive Car

Pagani-Zonda Luxury  Expensive , Reviwes, Price tag,

Pagani Zonda C12 F has excellent features and elements. It also taken the place in expensive car listings
Expensive  Pagani Zonda C12 F Price : 3,20,31,000
Expensive  Ferrari Enzo Coste in Dollar : $667,321


Do you know who are the almost top performers in animal ? There is some one who are being with excellent power. Each and every species have some unique power to differ from other. In the cases we would like to underline some living things which can perform hard in their days. In some times we have some questions in our mind like which will run fast ? Who can hear from far ? Who can live so long ? Who have powerful eye sight ? And more and more question. We have got some hints from some other source for our questions. We would like share that with information who are having unique power with detail information. Species information are given below with reference of some other source. All species power are marked by us. If you would like this info create your like ….

Which is the Biggest animal in the world
Biggest Animal Blue Whales Species :
Which is the Biggest animal in the world ? Correct answer is Blue Whales
Yes Blue Whale species is the Biggest animal in the world. It is living in ocean
Blue Whales Weights is 190tons

Fish Shortfin Mako Shark Fast Swimming – 50km/n

Fastest Swimming Fish Shortfin Mako Shark :
Which is the Fastest swimming fish in the world ?correct answer is Shortfin Mako Shark
Shortfin Mako Shark can swim faster then other fishes in the world
Fish Shortfin Mako Shark Fast Swimming – 50km/n

Sounds Travel Up to – 1,800km  Baleen Whales
Hearing Power Species is Baleen Whales :
Which is species can hear from long ? Correct answer is Baleen Whales
Baleen whales has maximum hearing capacity in the world
Sounds Travel Up to – 1,800km

Cheetah Runs 120km/n Faster
Fastest Running Animal is Cheetah :
Which is the fastest running animal in the world ? Correct answer is Cheetah
Cheetah is the fastest running animal in the world
Cheetah Runs 120km/n Faster

Which species have long eyes sights in the world

Long Eyes sights species is :
Which species have long eyes sights in the world ? Correct answer is Eagle
Eagle has the excellent eyes sights power the specialty is Vision 8times sharper than humans
Vision 8times sharper than humans

Which is the fastest flying board in the world ?
Fastest Flying Bird is White-throated needletail :
Which is the fastest flying board in the world ? Correct answer is White-throated needletail
White-throated needletail can fly fastest more than other birds
White-throated needletail Fastest Flying speed – 170km/n

Tortoise  Life time – 200years
Longest Living animal is Tortoise :
Which is the longest living animal in the world ? Correct answer is Tortoise
Yes Tortoise is living more than 200 Years in the world
Tortoise Life time – 200years

Fore details

What is the Difference Between Humans and Animals ?

As we known humans have long considered knowledge themselves absolutely unique. But now it turns  out that the better word from unique” is most advanced “. Every year scientists prove that some purely human specific characters are found in animal.

Animal’s senses are available in Human traits

RAVEN’S  sense Tool use and Construction sense –  Is  in Human traits

Raven Sense Human Vs animal Difference
Scientists explains the ravens sense How raven using stones to crack eggs and sometimes immobilizing an eggs with hard stone and smashing  it with a smaller one.

APES’S Sense of Humors  – Is  in Human traits

Apes is a wild animal which is attitude makes feel fun like by pulling their ears, tails and patting them and escaping later. Only to return and do it again

CHIMPANZEE’S sense of Complex Communication –  Is in Human traits

They do communication by using actions which is in sign language

ELEPHANT’S sense of Emotions – Is in Human traits

Elephant Human Vs Animal Differences
Elephants feed for their kids and wait for halting herd member showing emotion the empathy

WILD DOLPHIN’S sense of Culture – Is in Human traits

Dolphin Human Vs Animal Difference
Wild dolphins are capable to learn something with out human trainer like tail-walk, the power of understand and learning skill is in wild dolphins

MAGPIE’S sense of Self-awareness – Is in Human traits

Magpie Human Vs Animal Difference
It is general sense of all animal while they see unusual things at the time they try to rub or remov it. Animals can recognize their structure in reflection of mirror

CHIMPANZEE’S additional sense of counting – Is in Human traits

it has additional sense like using non verbal skills, arithmetic, mental sense like human

CLARK’S sense of Long Term Memory  – Is in Human traits

Bird Clarks Human Vs Animal Difference
The bird Clark has capacity to keep remember at least half year where they put seeds
Using 5,0000 caches in a 15 mile area
Animals have some specific sense which is differed for each animal. All animal’s senses are established in one human sense so human is being unique from the animals. Each one animals have different sense which is used for their survives but human has all sense in one human mind.

Reference From – Apr 1-07-2012 – The Economic Times on Sunday

Notebook Apple Machboo Air 2012 - Specification Features Search Best Notebook

High Configuration with latest technology appears in

Apple Macbook Air Features, Specification

Apple Macbook Air is presence of technology because  it has excellent and amazing power what your PC has everything with in one notebook. Multi-Touch technology is one high light of the Macbook of Apple. Unbelievable power store capacity battery, We hope apple note book will be the example for other notebook who should be. You can have new experience with that while you come to know about that.  Keyboard skin light is the feature which helps to use keyboard while you in the dark room.

Bench mark features of Apple Macbook Air “ New version of latest Intel Core Processors to have speed experience, All-Flash Storage chip to make bright, Backlit keyboard sen sable,  multi-Touch Trackpad, High Display, Camera and Speaker elements- Heavy Duty battery – Connection and Ports facility

Interl Core i5 and i7 processors rocking feature and specification – Apple Macbook Air

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New iPod nano 2012 apple's new product Best ipod search apple music players image apple iPod nano features and specification

iPod nano Features and Specification

iPod nano Avaialble 8GB and 16GB Capacity

iPod nano is one of the latest product of apple company for their customers. New style and advance technology the specialty of iPod nano. Music, Fitness, clock frame, Genius, Fm radio, I Tunes features are established with new technology in iPod nano 2012.

Music Features of iPod nano – 2012
You can create tap for your music files so it will be easy to search the correct music file by composers, songs, albums, artists and more. Apple technology given option to customize your iPod nano screen as you wish.

Shake it up Technology iPod nano – 2012
It is new technology which is helps to shuffles the songs which you shake your iPod nano 2012. Automatic Shuffles.

iPod nano Features
Height: 1.48 inches (37.5 mm)
Width: 1.61 inches (40.9 mm)
Depth: 0.35 inch (8.78 mm) including clip
Weight: 0.74 ounce (21.1 grams)1
Volume: 0.614 cu. inch (10,056 cu. mm)

iPod nano Display 1.54-inch (diagonal) color TFT display and 220 pixels per inch

iPod nano Audio Playback :
Audio formats supported: AAC (8 to 320 Kbps),
Protected AAC (from iTunes Store),
MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX+)

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